Soft Bed for Pet - Monag Store
Soft Bed for Pet - Monag Store
Soft Bed for Pet - Monag Store
Soft Bed for Pet - Monag Store
Soft Bed for Pet - Monag Store
Soft Bed for Pet - Monag Store
Soft Bed for Pet - Monag Store
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Soft Bed for Pet

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Provide your pet with the touch of privacy they deserve while giving them plenty of room to stretch.


  • Comfort: This cozy pet provides your pet with comfortable, healthy sleep. Corduroy material keeps pets cool in summer, warm in winter. The sturdy metal frame makes this a solid bed that can't be easily torn up with their claws and makes it durable enough for daily use.
  • Safe for pet & human: Unlike other latex pet pads available on the market, this product is designed for health and environment-conscious. Material as completely non toxic for pets, owners, and the planet.
  • Easy to maintain: The bed is machine washable without stretching out of shape.

How to choose the right size pet bed?

  • Where you want to use the bed?
    If you plan to use it in the kennel or in the car, you'll want to measure the exact space the bed will fill. Many pet beds are designed to fit standard kennel dimensions.
  • How your pet sleeps?
    If you are using the bed in an open space, like your living room or bedroom, consider your pet's sleep position. If your pet sleeps curled up, a small, cozy bed is ideal. If your dog spreads out in snoring, care-free sprawl, you may want to size up to accommodate.
    A general rule is to measure your dog from nose to rump and add 10 inches. Although no one knows your pet as the way you do, these suggestions should help you select the right size bed.


Bottom length Width Height Entree Entree width Fit for
26 cm 26 cm 28 cm 15 cm 15 cm 1,5 kg
M 31 cm 31 cm 33 cm 18 cm 17 cm 3,5 kb
L 36 cm 36 cm 38 cm 21 cm 19 cm 5 kb

43 cm

43 cm 45 cm 24 cm 21 cm 6,5 kg


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